Disaster Relief

Helping South Texas through the flood


We believe that one of the best ways to share Jesus with the world is to help and serve in the midst of disasters and difficulties. We also believe that when we serve people we serve God.

We're working with local authorities, partner organizations and churches in the Houston area to continue to identify the best ways to help now and in the months to come. Here's a brief synopsis of what we're doing already and three things you can do now.

What's Been Done

There is a lot to be done in Houston and many people still need help.

  • Sent a semi-truck full of supplies to two churches in the Houston area
  • Given financially to ACH services here in Fort Worth to house 10 kids from Houston. 
  • Over $35,000 have been donated to South Texas disaster relief. 
  • We are also partnering with Live Beyond to send groups to Houston to see what needs to be done, clean out houses and distribute supplies. Two groups have gone so far and more are being scheduled now.

What You Can Do




Donate money toward providing basic needs like water, food and help with repairs by selecting RENEW in the drop down menu and typing "Harvey" in the memo field. 100% of the funds designated "Harvey" will go to helping victims.

give now




The Bible tells us that Elijah was a man just like us and, when he prayed for the rain to stop, God listened. The people of South Texas need our prayers. They need us to ask God to intervene for them and through them. He will be glorified in the midst of the disaster and we want to be a part.


The People

Pray for the hearts of the people of South Texas, for their safety and that their fears are calmed, and that they draw closer to Jesus than ever before.

The Local Church

Pray that God gives them strength to serve and care for others in a way that points people to Jesus.

The Land

Pray that the waters recede, the rain stops and that people can find relief from the storm.

The Leaders

Pray for the mayor of Houston, Sylvestor Turner; Texas Governor, Greg Abbott; Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John Cornyn. Pray for wisdom and compassion, energy and endurance. Pray for discernment.

First Responders

Pray for the rescue teams that are risking their own lives to save others. Pray for safety, endurance and clarity in where to go and what to do.


Pray for a generous outpouring of finances and other resources. Pray that the victims' basic needs for shelter, water, food and safety be met.




Relief, repairs and community clean-up will require long-term commitment. That's why we are investigating how to safely and wisely send teams to help. This may even include groups from our student ministries or specific campuses. If you are interested in going to South Texas or volunteering at a shelter in the DFW area, please complete this form and we will keep you updated as God reveals new opportunities. Thank you for wanting to be personally involved in serving our neighbors in South Texas.