Empowering Job Seekers

How your relatives and friends can help you

...and how you can help them

Do you find yourself feeling like you have the word "UNEMPLOYED" tattooed on your forehead, or think there are designated “unemployed” seating sections at church?

The reality is no. These negative labels only exist in your mind.

In most cases, your relatives and friends do not know exactly how to react to your job loss – good or bad. On the other hand, they do determine how to react based on your attitude and confidence level.

People who find themselves out of work sometimes discover that the very friends and relatives who they thought would help them out the most ended up helping them out the least. Yet, complete strangers, out of the goodness of their hearts, seem to bend over backwards to assist you.

Your friends and relatives need reassurance that you have a plan in hand to regain employment. So do not disappoint; tell your family and friends that you have a 90-day plan to re-employment. Show them the week-at-a-view calendar for calls, visits and thank you cards (attached). Inspire yourself by inspiring those around you who love you.

Realize upfront that when you invite assistance, you sometimes invite probing into your affairs and some unwanted advice, so recognize and appreciate your relatives and friends true desire to help you.

Encourage your relatives and friends to focus on assisting you by providing job leads, encouragement, humor and fellowship. You'll also learn very quickly who your true friends are and who your "work acquaintances" were. This process can sometimes be a painful lesson in reality.

Don’t disappoint your friends and relatives who love you and want to be a part of your plan for re-employment. Estimate what your gasoline, postage, printing and thank you cards will cost per week and then ask them to be individually responsible for a selection of these expenses on a weekly or monthly basis. Everyone loves a person with a plan. Empower them!

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