Empowering Job Seekers

Google your way to a new job

using Google Maps as the foundation
 for a network you've never dreamed of

Learn how to:

  1. Establish mentors inside any company you desire employment
  2. Find the hidden hiring managers within those companies
  3. Find the good hidden jobs that are rarely if ever advertised
  4. And, give you the opportunity to sell yourself for a position that may not even exist


First: Three quick questions regarding your current re-employment efforts:

  1. How many mentors have you made to-date inside the companies you seek employment?
  2. How many of these same companies do you know the name of the hiring manager?
  3. How many of these mentors and hiring managers have you met personally?

By executing this Google Map method of networking you will far exceed any accomplishments in your search to-date by being able to: 

  • Learn of the employers within determined zip codes around your home.
  • Instantly preview company web sites to determine your interest in the companies.
  • Instantly scan a company’s career section to learn of any current job openings.
  • In the mornings call the company phone numbers while still online and ask for the department
you desire employment -- immediately establishing a mentor. You do not care who answers the phone in the department you seek -- be it a two week temp or the hiring manager -- since you have only two quick questions.
  • Ask your question #1. After your quick introduction ask: Are you aware of any current or future job openings?
  • Ask your question #2. What is the name of their department’s hiring manager? If your mentor tries to send you to the HR department, kindly stop them and state that you would prefer to deliver your resume directly to the hiring manager.
  • Then thank your new mentor for their time and tell them that you are sending them a thank you card. Send each mentor a thank you card, stating inside how great they were to share their time in speaking with you, how you are the perfect new employee they need (insert position here) and how you look forward to meeting them one day soon.
  • Within two days of your call with each new mentor, you will arrive at the company’s lobby after the lunch hour and ask to meet the mentor in their lobby. State to the receptionist, and mentor, that you have an “envelope” (resume and cover letter inside) for them. Remind them of your call two days earlier and of the thank you card that should have arrived earlier that morning.
  • Bearing Tootsie Pops or similar treats you will hand deliver the envelope to the mentor; or leave it for them in case they do not have time to see you. Note that you are hand delivering an “envelope,” not your resume and cover letter, or otherwise will be directed to the HR department (the black hole).
  • In your customized cover letter you will state to the hiring manager your plan to call him/her within two working days for a chance to share your skills desire to work for them in an informational meeting over coffee.
  • In two days, call the hiring manager to set up an appointment.
  • Whether or not there is an open position, your objective is to get in front of the hiring 
manager to impress him/her that they need you and your skills. If there is no position available at that time, your job is to help them create one for you. Since a typical company averages an annual 20% turnover rate, do they have some impeding retirements or are their any current under-performers. Be patient since turnover is in your favor.

Impressive results you never thought achievable

If you only call and only reach 10 mentors a day, you will have established within 90 days over 600 mentors. Think of the numbers if you reached 20 mentors a day! You will meet most of those 600 mentors when you hand deliver your cover letter and resume two days later. The mentors then hand-delivering your envelope to their hiring manager.

You will have hand-delivered over 600 custom cover letters and resumes to the attention of over 600 hiring managers; hiring executives that now personally know of you and your desire to work for them. You will then reach many of the 600 hiring managers when you call them back within two days to request an informational meeting as promised in your cover letter.

Getting started on your Google Map search
  1. Go to the Google search page and click on the 9 squares in the upper right-hand corner. Select “Maps” (usually in the upper right-hand corner).
  2. Within the Google map address search box, type in the desired zip code, leave one space, and then type in the word “corporation”.
  3. Hit the enter button to see the results of your search.

In this search of “76180 corporation” there are over 291,000 results in just this one zip code search. Now begin reviewing each of the companies listed on the left side column. Their locations are also pinpointed on the map on the same screen shot. For an example, we selected one of the first companies listed called lab Corporation by clicking on the company's name.

This page not only lists the address, phone number and various related links to the company, but it usually includes a link to their corporate web site address.

You are now able to click on the company’s web site link to review the company’s offering in order to better determine what they make and if they would be a good fit for you. You can review their history, corporate statements, product/service offerings, press releases and career job postings. Select the tab that takes you to their career section.

Go to Google Maps

You are now ready to pick up the phone and establish a mentor in each company.

Simply call the company’s main phone number listed on the web site and ask to be transferred to your desire department. Once transferred, whoever answers the phone is your new mentor – whether it is a temp or the hiring manager. Simply introduce yourself as one of the unemployed today, indicate your desire to work for the company and ask if they would be so kind as to answer two quick questions for you. It is important that you be keenly aware of their circumstances and if the timing is good. If so, then ask your two questions: (1) Are their any current or future job openings in their department? And, (2) What is the name of their hiring manager?

Immediately thank them for their time and tell them that you are going to send them a thank you card. Their attention level and attitude will immediately rise once they hear you are going to send them a thank you card. Be sure to obtain the correct spelling of their name, any mail stop codes, etc. and then say good bye. Please be sure to follow all the procedures listed earlier in this article.

You are now on your way to further impressing your new mentor, in meeting and impressing their receptionist in two days, and then meeting and impressing their hiring manager two work days later.

Without leaving your original zip code search, you can now easily repeat this process on every company listed in your zip code searches; keeping notes for future reference.


The benefits of using this Google Map search technique are this simple:

  • The number of people you reach equals that many mentors who now know of you.
  • The number of cover letters and resumes you deliver to hiring managers equals that many 
who now know you exist and desire employment.
  • The number of hiring managers that receive your follow-up call to learn of your skills and 
desire to work for them equals that many more potential face-to-face informational meetings or 
  • And the more face-to-face informational meetings or interviews you establish equals to that many potential opportunities to hear the words “I like you...you’re hired!” 

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