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In addition to all the great tools offered on this web site, you must first go to the “Group on a Map” section of CareerDFW.org, located under the "Groups" menu. The map will show you all the area ministries and networking groups. Click on the map pins to read more of each group.

Be sure to join the Southlake Focus Group and the North Fort Worth Career Search Network.


Creating a profile on LinkedIn.com is essential in modern job hunts. LinkedIn has over 75 million members in over 200 countries. Creating your profile makes your resume available to companies and head hunters looking for someone with your skills and experience.

Also be sure to join our LinkedIn group called Empowering Job Seekers.

Texas Workforce Solutions

Get set-up and visit your local branch of the Texas Workforce Solutions (called Workforce Solutions of Tarrant County). They will not only help you with your resume and job searching, but they will also do follow-up work for you with hiring companies.

Resume Psychology guru, Dirk Spencer

Review your resume and consider making some of the changes suggested by Resume Psychology guru, Dirk Spencer. Work on making your resume pass successfully through machine screens as well as make it more useful to recruiters by focusing it on your desired position, using the right words at the right time, and keeping the format simple. We’re working with Dirk to provide us some documentation that we can post here on our website.

Request to join his Resume Psychology Group on LinkedIn.com for more info. You can also contact him at DirkPMP@yahoo.com. When you request to join his group, include how you learned about it and your full name and contact information on the request.

Other sites and advice

Spend no more than thirty minutes a day looking for job postings online – for example in sites like www.search4uinc.com, www.CareerDFW.org, www.indeed.com and www.Craigslist.com.

Remember, networking is a key element to your re-employment success.

The hiring process does not really start until you are sitting across the table from the hiring manager so make this your number one goal in all of your job search activities each and every day!

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