Empowering Job Seekers

The power of the Thank You card

Because who doesn't like it when you say thank you?

When was the last time you received a thank you card at work?

People rarely throw away a personally written thank you card -- especially if it contains specific praise of them. On the other hand, people do throw away resumes and resume cover letters – by the thousands!

Once your mentor receives your thank you card, he/she will probably run to the coffee bar to show it off. They may also take it to the weekly staff meeting to let other people know of your seeking a position – but they are really showing off how wonderful a person they were to have received a thank you card.

Then after posted the card on their cubical wall for several weeks, they will probably find a special resting place in the top drawer of their desk or a personal file folder, but it typically will never be thrown away.

Bottom line: People never, if rarely, ever throw away a thank you card that both praises them and asks them to keep you in mind.

Your new mentor in the company now has your contact information, will not throw the card away, and will probably not forget you when they hear of a position opening up internally.

You now have a person inside the company as a mentor looking out for you!

In the thank you card, write only three short sentences on the bottom inside section of the card, like this:

Dear Mr. / Ms. Mentor, Thank you for taking your busy time to answer my two questions today!

Please keep me in mind for your next administrative position opening that can benefit from my proven money-saving skills in organization and positive can-do attitude!

I really appreciated your kindness and look forward to meeting you one day very soon!


Bob Brown

1234 Brown Street, Fort Worth, TX 76180. 817-222-8876. bob.brown@gmail.com 

Be sure to thank them for their time and kindness in the first sentence, explaining how helpful and courteous they were to you. In the second sentence, remind them of the position you are seeking or of your skill sets. In the final third sentence, tell them that you look forward to meeting them once day soon. What they do not know at this time is that you will indeed be visiting them in two days

After your signature, print in one small single line your contact information – address, home phone, cellular phone and email address. You want everything in that same inside bottom section of the thank you card. You want this because that way they can easily show it to others, bend the card backwards and keep it on their desk, or more easily pin it on their cubical wall.