Empowering Job Seekers

To beat unemployment you need a plan...

...a plan that has God carrying your through the entire job search process. You can’t do this by yourself. The task is too great without praying daily, seeking God’s guidance.

Your focus is two fold: Tap into existing networks and our system for setting up informational interviews and develop mentors inside targeted companies. Between these two proven networking tactics, you are now meeting in person and/or on the phone with dozens of people a week who never knew you previously. Because you will be meeting with them face-to-face, they are now being made aware of your skills and becoming one of your mentors.

Each week, you are developing dozens of mentors. You will send your new mentors thank you cards for their time. You will then hand deliver your customized cover letter and resume to every mentor two days later so they will in turn hand deliver them to their hiring managers. The more you do, the greater your chances are of getting hired. The hiring process does not really begin until you meet face-to-face with the hiring manager. All your focus is in meeting hiring managers.

You follow up with the hiring managers on the dates promised in your cover letters. You are now setting up multiple interviews through your newly established mentors and their hiring managers. Within a few short weeks or months, depending on your work ethic, you will be able to pick from multiple job opportunities!

You are now re-employed! Praise the Lord!

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