Year End Giving

Contributions given or postmarked by December 31 will be included in your 2018 charitable tax statement.
Appreciated stock is a great way to give. Please contact the Finance Office early to start the process.

When is the last day that I can make a contribution to the church to be counted for 2018 taxes?
All contributions must be postmarked by Monday December 31 or given online by December 31. Your gift can be given in the regular offering on Sunday December 30 (our offices will be closed on December 31).

Can I give stock to the church?
Yes, please call the Finance office (817-281-0773) by December 15 to receive information in regards to contacting the church’s broker.

Can I donate some of my retirement fund?
Individuals who are age 70 ½ or older can distribute funds out of an IRA to the church without reporting the income as taxable.

Will the contributions statement include any noncash gifts such as stock?
No, stocks are not noted on contribution statements but are acknowledged separately.

How will I receive my 2018 Contribution Statement?
You may go online….Please contact or call the finance office (817-281-0773) if you would like the church to mail your statement.


God wants to give us more than we can ask or imagine.

Before we even decided to believe, He gave up His Son for us. Everything we have comes from God. So we can never give Him more than He has already given us. When we give, we are using our blessings to bless others so they can experience life with Him, too.



How to Give

One of the primary ways that the Bible talks about giving is by tithing. "Tithe" means "tenth" so "tithing" is giving a tenth of everything you earn (before taxes or deductions) to God. But giving is more than just tithing. It's about putting God first. The Bible talks about God being a generous Father. So when we are generous, we're taking after our Dad.

You can make a one-time gift or schedule recurring donations using your bank account, debit or credit card. Please only choose to give using a credit card if you pay off your balance every month. 2-3% of each credit card donation goes toward fees that The Hills Church pays for this service.

If you struggle with debt or need help working on a plan to live debt free, please see our financial resources for help.

Why we Give

*To change an existing contribution, click on "Give Now" and then go to "Manage My Account".
Your giving records and Year-End Contribution Statement are available through your Hills Connect account.

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Legacy Giving

Navigating life’s financial transitions can be a challenge. Stewardship is about more than just doing the math. Discover God’s purpose for your resources and your legacy. Learn how to answer questions about giving. Email us to find out where to start and what help you need.

plan your legacy


We believe in the power of generosity in all its forms. Donating stocks or gifting working vehicles to families in need are just two of the ways that we can give. Ask us how you can use your assets to share with others and bless those in need.

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Financial Freedom

God wants to give us more than a free pass to Heaven. He wants us to be free here on Earth. One way to be free is to trust Him with anything and everything. That means with our money too. Take your first step toward freedom by signing up for a group or financial coaching.

Step toward freedom