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Organizational Structure

The Hills Leadership Organizational Structure 

The Leadership of The Hills Church is comprised of Elders who serve the church family on two teams, the Shepherding Group and the Governance Council. Members of the Governance Council, whose primary role is to perform administrative duties, are selected annually by the full Eldership. The remaining Elders serve as members of the Shepherding Group to achieve the following:

Assured Shepherd Care:

The Shepherding Elders achieve this type of care by directing and empowering The Hills' ministers to organize the church family body life in such a way that the members assure care for each other. Primarily, this care is achieved when spiritually healthy relationships are developed in small group communities. The ministers assure that spiritual care is being provided by an ongoing coaching relationship with each small group leader, thus assuring shepherd care for those in the communities.

Provided Shepherd Care:

Provided care is defined as personal care given by the shepherds, whether provided individually or in shepherd groups. Provided care is both reactive and proactive:

Reactive Care is provided in the following ways:

  • Worship Service prayer responses
  • Shepherd counsel
  • Encouragement and exhortation
  • Prayer and anointing with oil requests
  • Assigned shepherding, in coordination with the church office (hospital visits, death in a family, baptisms, etc.)
  • Other functions a shepherd is called upon to provide for The Hills family

Proactive Care is provided in the following ways:

  • Encouragement of members to participate in all facets of the assured care organization
  • Equipping, training and disciplining members of the church body
  • Monthly Shepherd meetings for the purpose of prayer, biblical study and encouragement
  • Activities of encouragement designed to strengthen the weak, neglected, or struggling members of The Hills family, in coordination with The Hills' Body Life Minister

Special Task Groups:

The full Eldership may from time to time designate two or more persons to constitute task groups for any purpose; provided that any such task group shall not reduce the authority delegated to the Governance Council.

Additional Information: