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If you or someone in your family is in the hospital, has surgery is pending, or you know of the death of a member or a member's family, please contact the church office at 817.281.0773 or email wecare@thehills.org.

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Caring For Our Community:

NRH = North Richland Hills Campus members
SLK = Southlake Campus members
WFW = West Fort Worth Campus members

(All NRH except as noted)

In The Hospital:

As of Thursday, July 2, 2015

Note:  All offices of The Hills Church will be closed Friday, July 3 for the Independence Day Holiday.  This list is current as of 9 am Wednesday July 2.

  • Texas Health Harris, FTW: 
    Cal McCoy (WFW)
  • Future Surgery  - Plaza Medical:
    David Hayes (July 7)

Dismissed From The Hospital/Rehab:

  • Ben Benson, Kayson Corine, Bobby Cowling, Danica Hernandez, Bill Weaver (WFW)

Congratulations To:

  • Ryan and Megan Beasley for the birth of a son, Paxton Beasley, on June 25.

In Rehab and Long-Term Care:

  • In Rehab: Jimmy Couch (SLK), Mike Yates
  • In Long Term Care: Ann Chance, Nancy DeLong, Pat Rasaphangthong, Judy Wood

Prayer Requests for Health Concerns:

Eddie and Moody Cave, Eugene Chomiak (SLK), Ron Clements, Janet Colvin, Travis Crow (WFW), Jerrod Edwards, Gary Eggleston, Clemmie Gray, Phyllis Helzer, Danica Hernandez, Peggy Johnston, Brooks Kennedy, Charley Matthews, Colt McConnell, Patsy O'Donnell,  Walker Reese, Joe Mark Walker, Ben Weaver