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If you or someone in your family is in the hospital, has surgery is pending, or you know of the death of a member or a member's family, please contact the church office at 817.281.0773 or email wecare@thehills.org.

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Caring For Our Community:

NRH = North Richland Hills Campus members
SLK = Southlake Campus members
WFW = West Fort Worth Campus members

(All NRH except as noted)

In The Hospital:

As of Friday, March 27, 2015

  • Arlington Memorial:
    Emerson Tilbury
  • Cook Childrens:
    Faith Groom (Call family before visiting)
    William P. Clements:
    Holly Macy (WFW) (No Visitors)
  • Future Surgery - Carrell Clinic in Dallas:
    Bonnie Lee (March 31)

Dismissed From The Hospital/Rehab:

  • Lynn Benardello, Betty Colby, Viola Herring, Jim Morrow (WFW), Patti Thomas, William Weaver (WFW)

Congratulations To:

  • Matthew and Sharon Tilbury (SLK) for the birth of a daughter, Emerson, on March 19. Proud grandmother is Suzanne Painter. Proud great grandparents are Jack and Carolyn Drain.
  • Estebaan and Whitney Ice (former members) for the birth of a daughter, Kenli Paige, on March 20. Proud grandparents are Sam and Becky Peschell.

Sympathy To:

  • Patsy Ash O'Donnell (former member) and Lynn Benardello and families for the passing of husband and stepfather, Rory O'Donnell, on March 22.
  • Janette Brackeen for the passing of her husband, Bobby Brackeen, on February 26.

In Rehab and Long-Term Care:

  • In Rehab: Rudene Barnett - Senior Care Rehab, Decatur; Cleta Mitchell - Legend Health and Rehab
    In Long Term Care: Nancy DeLong, Pat Rasaphangthong

Prayer Requests for Health Concerns:

Eddie Baggett, Rhonda Broach, Janet Colvin, Norman Dean, Kasey Engle, Phyllis Helzer, Debbie Jenks, Peggy Johnston, Patsy O'Donnell, Walker Reese, Joe Mark Walker, Ben Weaver, Charlene Young, Peggy Zorn