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If you or someone in your family is in the hospital, has surgery is pending, or you know of the death of a member or a member's family, please contact the church office at 817.281.0773 or email wecare@thehills.org.

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Caring For Our Community:

NRH = North Richland Hills Campus members
SLK = Southlake Campus members
WFW = West Fort Worth Campus members

(All NRH except as noted)

In The Hospital:

As of Wednesday, August 20, 2014

  • McKinney Medical Center:
    Doyce Lemley 
  • Texas Health Harris FTW
    Bill Smith (WFW), Worth Wren
  • Texas Health Harris HEB:
    Dave Easter 

Dismissed From The Hospital/Rehab:

  • Tom Brennan, Pam Camp, Myron Hackman (SLK), Doyle Roseberry, Joel Schrimsher

Sympathy To:

  • Bess McDonald for the passing of her sister, Dorothy Whitlock, on August 16.
  • Bryan Ayers, Mark Ayers, Gary Ayers and families for the passing of their mother, Thelma Ayers on August 16. 
  • Don King, Kami Cullum, Craig King and their families for the passing of wife and mother, Jan King. Graveside service Wednesday, August 20 at 1:00 pm in Wichita Falls. Memorial service Thursday, August 21 at 3:00 pm, The Hills Church, NRH Chapel.
  • Leann Holmes (SLK) and family for the passing of her father, Bob Whiting, on August 13.

In Rehab and Long-Term Care:

  • In Rehab: Jewel Crum - Emerald Hills Rehab; Mary Shilcutt - Reliant Rehab
  • Hospice: Pearl Campbell, Angie Harrison
  • In Long Term Care: Pat Rasaphangthong, Bryce Saldi (SLK)

Prayer Requests for Health Concerns:

Joyce Carrell, Dianne Carroll, Janet Colvin, Mark Emmons, Martha Franklin, Truman Gist, Randy Jenks, Sara Laminack, Jay McDonald, Mary Minick, Carolyn Murrah, Jim Owen, Charley Taylor, Jim Turner (SLK), Joe Mark Walker, Delbert White, Jesse Yandell