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Sermons and Lessons Podcasts

Welcome to The Hills Church sermon and lesson podcast. Listen or download sermons & lessons FREE below (requires the free Adobe Flash Player). To download, right-click the link in the download column and choose "save as."

Rick Atchley's sermons are available free for 30 days following date of sermon or the last of a series. Click Here to go to the online store to purchase archived sermons.

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Sermons To Go Online Store

Rick Atchley's sermons are available free for 30 days following date of sermon. Archived sermons that are no longer listed are available at our online store from Sermons to Go. Click Here to order sermons on CD, DVD and Mp3 downloads.

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Want to automatically download sermons to your computer or MP3 player?

We want to make your experience of downloading and listening to our sermons as easy and convenient as possible. We recommend that you use a "podcatcher," a.k.a. "podcast receiver." This is a program that will automatically check our feed for new sermons, download them, and copy them to your MP3 player the next time you sync it to your computer. That saves you from downloading each file and manually copying them over.

If you have an iPod or iPhone, the obvious choice for you is Apple iTunes (works on Windows and OS X). For those with other MP3 players, your device may have come with podcatcher software, or you could visit the manufacturer's website to see if they have a podcatcher for download. One option for everyone on any computer platform is Juice, available here.

Even if you don't have an MP3 player, a podcatcher will save you a lot time and effort.

Please note: The Hills church is not responsible for iTunes or Juice or any other software you use, and therefore cannot provide direct support for those products (nor are we responsible for the content at those sites). Please use at your own risk.

Having trouble with playback?

Try installing the latest version of the free Adobe Flash Player. When viewing video sermons you can now see them in full screen (click the full screen icon in the player's toolbar to the left of the time). This requires Flash Player or later. You may have to restart your Web browser and come back to this page after installation.