Ministry Overview

B and L have three daughters who love to learn and climb big rocks, and one and a half year old daughter who loves to smile. They were working with an unreached people group for two years before it became unsafe and had to evacuate. They now live in a safer place a few hundred miles away and are continuing their ministry in a series of huge refugee camps.

Why North Africa?

B and L passionately believe that God has called them to work among the least of this world – those without scripture in their own language or churches in their community. These are those people, especially now that they have had to flee their home because of hostilities and have been forced to live as refugees in a series of sprawling refugee camps. While trying to reach them has not been easy in many senses – they live in a remote area with very poor infrastructure in a politically unstable part of the world – B and L continue to be amazed by their openness and hunger for God’s word. God continues to open doors, provide what we need, and affirm in every way that they are right where God wants them to be.

Seeing God at work in North Africa

We are seeing God redeem a heart-breaking and tragic situation. This people group and their neighbors have been running for their lives from a government who refuses to accept them as equal citizens. They have been attacked, faced severe hunger and disease, and are now living in huge refugee camps in a country that is not their own.  But God is among them, and many of them are seeking Him more now than they ever have. God is not allowing this terrible time to define this season of history for them.  Instead, this will be the season when they find hope, peace, and life in Jesus. We see God turning grief into joy and despair into hope. We believe this is the time God has chosen to transform this society from the inside out.  Even if they don’t have a country of their own, God is giving them a Kingdom.

Prayer Requests

Prayer is their strategy. Only God can bring about the transformation needed. Please pray for them and their neighbors. Ask God to bring His light, hope and salvation in the midst of a dark time. Pray for B and L's family and teammates. Getting settled in this new refugee area has not been easy. They have been living as families in mud huts while working hard to build permanent houses. Ask God to give them perseverance to push through this difficult phase and to provide all of the funding needed to finish their houses. Ask God to bless and use their scripture-based trauma healing workshop their work on developing and sharing oral Bible stories. Ask God to bless their language learning and the team’s effort to develop their language and prepare for Bible translation. Also, God has put a key Christian leader in a position of authority as the paramount chief of the refugees. Ask God to bless his leadership, give him good health, and use him to pave the way for a disciple-making movement among his people.