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Chad and Katie Allen

Ministry Overview

This is the Allen Family: Chad, Katie, Graham, Molly and Finn. They moved to Mbale, Uganda in June 2013 to work at Livingstone International University (LIU). LIU is a young christian university striving to produce ethical, empowered, and employable Christians into every sector of African society. Chad is the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration at LIU. 

Why LIU?

The Allens passionately believe that God has called them to help these students so that they are empowered to go out into the world and be salt and light in the world. As a CPA, Chad spent a lot of time in the first two years creating a solid financial foundation at LIU. This job was met with countless challenges as he is working in a culture with very different ideas and values about money. Chad has also done a lot of work with student recruiting, land development, and strategic planning. But what the Allens love most about LIU is the people with whom they are blessed to work. Katie and Chad both serve weekly as student mentors and they love forming relationships with students at LIU. 

Seeing God at work at LIU

God's richest blessings have poured out on LIU. It's incredibly exciting to watch and be a part of! In the past year, LIU has begun construction on our new permanent campus. This new campus will help to facilitate our growing student body. The university is now quickly outgrowing the current temporary campus, praise God! This past year they also started a new degree program in education. They are excited to see LIU move out to its permanent campus and they're excited to see how God uses LIU and its graduates in the future.