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Chris and Jill Shelby

Ministry Overview

The Shelbys returned to the DFW area in June, 2015, after serving 7 years as missionaries in Rwanda, East Africa. Chris now serves as the Director for Africa Missions with Missions Resource Network (MRN). MRN exists to further the mission of God in the world through mobilization, equipping, preparing and caring. Partnering with churches, missionaries, and other organizations throughout the world, MRN serves as a catalyst for mission and desires to see God's good kingdom to come among people and places where it has not come yet. Chris travels frequently to Africa, equipping and networking with our partners there and discovering new opportunities to partner with God and others. 

Why Africa?

During our seven years in Rwanda, God knit our hearts to a people and to a continent. It is overwhelming, but the mission of God has always had an element of impossibility to it. It's the place where faith is born and ultimately tested. It is the realm where God works. And so we work throughout an entire continent now, believing that God can do more than we expect. Africa has become a center for the Christian faith and our brothers and sisters there are experiencing movements of the Spirit in incredible ways. They have so much to teach us about faith and sacrifice and community. And they will be a rising force in taking the good news of Jesus to the unreached places in our world. They are ready to go and we are ready to help them do what God is calling them to do.  

Seeing God at work in Africa

God is working on the African continent. In Rwanda, a disciple making movement continues to spread and is spilling out into East Africa. Hundreds of house churches have been planted and thousands have been baptized. In South Africa, a disciple making movement is emerging in Pretoria and in the past 10 years thousands of house churches have been planted. All of these movements have the DNA of what Jesus desired to leave behind - a people who will discover, who will share and who will obey. And we are moving towards a new front where the Kingdom is breaking through - North Africa. Long believed to be an unreceptive place, labeled as a region where the Kingdom can't come, North Africa is experiencing a movement of God and we are going to join Him there! People are having dreams and visions, households are coming to Jesus, and they are standing in the face of persecution and declaring that everything they suffer is worth it. The Kingdom is coming in Africa and God is on the move.