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David and Sandi

Ministry Overview

David grew up in Hawaii in a strong Christian family, and Sandi grew up in California in an unchurched home.   Shortly after coming to Christ at 23 years old, Sandi received a call to foreign missions. At the same time, David’s prayers were going up for a Christian spouse with the same call to missions.  Sandi and David met in Lubbock, Texas at what is now called the Sunset International Bible Institute. In 1971 they joined hands in matrimony, heading in the God-given direction of foreign missions.

Our son, Michael, his wife Lis, and Rhema and Thea, our two  granddaughters, live here in North Asia just across the street from us.   Our son John, his wife Polly, and our grandson Jesse, live in Olympia, Washington.  This year marks our 21st year in mission work in Asia. We have been in our current North Asian work for seven years.  In previous works we were in Thailand for eight years in the 1970s, six years in the Philippines in the 1980s, instituted a church plant for seven years in Olympia, Washington in the 90s, and served a short time in Lithuania.  We were able to be with The Hills church for eleven wonderful years while supporting ourselves in other careers before being sent to Northern Asia.

Why are you in Asia?

We are where we are because God spoke to Sandi in a vision on January 28, 2006 and clarified that He wanted us in a particular country in Northern Asia.  Sandi’s prayer was “Is there any place in the whole world you would rather we be than here?”  He made it very clear, and we invited Duane and Debbie Jenks over to pray with us and for that country.

Seeing God at work in Asia

We saw God’s Glory show up wonderfully, moving mountains and paving the way for us to arrive in this country, and we continue to see God’s Glory as He works to keep us here.  We live in a country where the government does not warmly welcome us and where immigration challenges keep popping up.  But we see that God “delivers us from all our troubles.” And “makes a way where there seems to be no way.”  It has become a part of our lives to excitedly view His amazing SPECIAL EFFECTS as we live here sharing the Gospel day- by- day.  What a privilege to live in a country with people who have open hearts, a sweet innocence that touches not only our hearts but also all the Let’s Start Talking (LST) workers who come.

So far this year we have seen 20 people come to the Lord.  God keeps people coming to our groups that meet weekly…He just keeps sending them.  We see that He is working to build up Faith Hope Love family church.  He has truly supplied all our needs. We see the faithfulness of God daily.  We also see the faithfulness and love and commitment of sending churches like The Hills, BridgeWay, The Capital church in Olympia, Washington and Farmers Branch in Dallas.  We see God’s Glory in a huge participation with prayer partners and LST and people who serve us when we are back in the States.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for continued good health for David and Sandi, our sons and their wives and  our grandchildren.
  • Pray that the new immigration requirements will be met satisfactorily and that there will be no more surprises.
  • As we meet challenges, pray that we will always find things for which to be thankful and that we will honor God at all times with a Christ-like attitude.
  • Pray for a work here that will stand strong in Him and bring the Lord great honor as a Self-Propagating, Self-Led, Self-Supporting & Self-Theologizing church in the Asian culture.
  • Pray we will always have great love and peace as we dwell together in service to the King.
  • Pray that we will daily “put on the whole armor” so we can stand against Satan while producing “the fruit of the Spirit.”