Ministry Overview

Dennis Okoth is a Kenyan missionary serving with the Lord's Church in Mbale, Uganda. He and his wife, Mary, have three grown children who are also involved in the development of the Lord's Kingdom. Perez and Moses Okoth are serving in Nairobi Church Growth, while David Okoth is a PhD candidate at the Virginia Tech University, USA. Dennis and Mary have one grandson Jesse Anyumba through their eldest daughter Perez. Dennis has a Master's Degree in Special Education from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has previously served as a Lecturer at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya as well as pulpit minister of the Lord's Church at Komarock in the same city before joining the  Mbale Mission Team in Eastern Uganda as the Principal of Messiah Theological Institute and Deputy Vice Chancellor of LivingStone international University. He is currently Co-director of Mbale Mission Team with JP Robinson, and serves as the Acting Regional Director of Good News Production International, Uganda.

Why Uganda?

Our God is a God of missions. His greatest desire is to see called out saints involved in soul saving ministry (Luke 19:10). I believe that we cannot advance the Gospel of Christ without training others to “Go and make Disciples” as we do. Hence my involvement in the training program part of advancing the mission of Christ in Uganda.

Seeing God at Work in Uganda

God is working through me to empower faithful servant leaders to lead the Lord’s Church to the next level of ministry in our African societies. There is no success in ministry without successors to advance the work after our sunset days. I believer in training those who can faithfully partner with us. God has been working through me to empower those called to do ministry. God is working through MTI to train future church leaders in our African communities. God is working through The Hills Church to contribute to advancing the cause of the Gospel in Uganda by supporting the upkeep of Dennis and Mary Okoth to continue working with the Messiah Theological Institute.