Ministry Overview

What if, instead of always talking about love, Christians actually rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty?

What if we prayed the Lord's Prayer with sincerity, beseeching God to bring the attributes of heaven to earth?
What if we, the church, were designed to be the vessels of His answer, to echo the love of God?

If Christians stepped up to the plate, there would be no foster care crisis.
If Christians exercised their faith outside of a 2-hour Sunday service, homelessness would not exist.
If Christians were to actually pick up the ball and step onto the field, they would creatively conquer the darkness that surrounds the evils of pornography, bullying, drug abuse, marital infidelity, and a host of other social ills.

Before the world listens to the Gospel message, they'll need to see and experience the joy of Christ through the ways in which Christians tangibly love them, just as Christ would.

We dream of a Spirit-led movement that is slow enough to care for everyone in the church and fast enough to reach Missoula with an unconditional, crazy love.
We dream of a Kingdom movement. We dream of a church that is partnering with other life-giving, gospel-preaching churches in Missoula.
We dream of an earth covered with heavenly attributes, as Jesus had instructed us to pray for: attributes such as justice, peace, compassion, relief from pain, release from bondage and extraordinary love.
We are not a typical church.

Why Missoula?

Missoula is an amazing place to live. Missoula is a city located in an area of our country that will take your breath away with its natural beauty. Scripture tells us we can know of God's existence by this beauty and His design. And yet, 72% of Missoula doesn't attend church or know Jesus. We embrace all people and love the diverse cultures within. Obviously there is much injustice, crime, poverty, and things that are flat out wrong. Rather than separate ourselves from the dark places, we hope to boldly bring the light of Jesus Christ into those places. Our goal is to meet people wherever they are, and love them regardless of the choices they make.

Seeing God at work in Missoula

I've been amazed by the people of Echo Church! We watched our church develop from a small evening worship service to the outward-focused training ground it has now become. I hope you can join us, and learn with us what it means to truly love the people of this beautiful city!

Prayer Requests

Jesus instructed us to pray for: attributes such as justice, peace, compassion, relief from pain, release from bondage, and extraordinary love.