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Heath and Rebecca Amos

Ministry Overview

We’ve been in Rwanda since 2008. We arrived when our son, Pete, was 6 weeks old. Before Rwanda we lived in Lubbock, Texas. Rebecca and I met and fell in love in Rwanda and got married in Texas.

Why Rwanda?

We are in Rwanda to make disciples and disciple-makers with God’s help.  We want people to read and understand the Bible themselves and to fall in love with God and to obey His commands within a community of believers.  We pray that God will rewrite the history of Rwanda, making it known as a place of God’s love instead of a place of hatred and genocide.

Seeing God at work in Rwanda

We are seeing God do the things mentioned above.  He is causing lives to be changed, turning people into committed baptized believers, restoring families, and bringing people off the streets.  He is creating and sustaining communities of believers through His  Word.  People who would have mourned alone are now surrounded by a community of believers who care for and love them.  God is doing many great and beautiful things here.

Prayer Requests

  • That we can be salt and light in Gahanga where we live

  • Changes taking place with our team and ATN (African Transformation Network) with Americans transitioning back to the States

  • Disciple making ministries at ATN – especially agriculture and English in which Heath participates

  • Community Development where we are trying to impact lives through agricultural initiatives and well drilling

  • English clubs that use the Bible to encourage English but also love and obedience to God

  • Specific disciple makers who are making a change in Rwanda: Charlotte, Mapendo, Emmanuel, Cephas, and Justin

  • Pray that these three men will become disciple makers and catch this vision that we are promoting for Rwanda: Gilbert, Ombeni, and Nzamutashya

  • Rebecca as she home schools our children, hosts visitors, and serves in our community