Our History



Our story is His story.

Founded in 1956, among the turmoil and change of mid-century America, The Hills Church is a story of trust, faith and grit. The story begins on January 22, 1956, as each Sunday, the Glenview Elementary School transformed into the Richland Hills Church of Christ. Now, more than 60 years later, the church grows on, in His grace.



The 1950s



"Let's dream a little bit."

With no air-conditioning and borrowed songbooks, 186 people attended the first worship service in the school cafeteria. Don McHam, founding member and humble leader, challenged the group to "dream a little". Dreams became action, and in 1957, ground was broken for a new building on Grapevine Highway.

The 1960s



Two services. And a printing press.

The dream was coming true. God was moving in powerful ways. Worship expanded to two services, missions began, and a printing press was purchased to handle growing communications. With membership exceeding 700, in 1965, ten acres on Loop 820 and Rufe Snow was purchased for $25,000. Plans began for an expanded worship center.



The 1970s



Go and make followers.

August 23, 1970, was the first Lord's day in the new building. With room to grow, the church family quickly increased to more than 900. With a heart to spread the gospel, missions continued in Africa, Brazil and Germany, while churches were planted domestically. In 1974, the church was blessed with two school buses and the kids ministry flourished.

The 1980s



More growth. An expanding mission.

By this time, RHCC was preaching the gospel on four continents. Several ministries emerged including singles, music, adults, the CEC and Bread for a Hungry World. In 1984, with more than 2,000 church members, 54 acres of land was purchased for a new church campus. In 1987, the building we worship in today was completed and dedicated to the Lord.



The 1990s



Reaching out in love.

The church's legacy of service expands with 50+ ministries, 90 support and prayer groups, expanded missions and 3000+ members. The teaching torch has passed from beloved Jon Jones to Rick Atchley as he begins his first full decade in the pulpit. Generous hearts grow annual Harvest giving from $200,000 to more than $900,000 by the end of the decade. 



2000 to now



A new century of service begins.

The mission of the church is further solidified to make and grow followers of Jesus, through worship, community and service. The church celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2005, while expanding its reach including the launch of Spanish services. In 2011, The Hills becomes a multi-campus church through the addition of two new locations in Southlake and later, West Fort Worth.