Young Children's World


 Grow. Explore. Discover.

Located at The Hills Church North Richland Hills Campus
Mondays and Thursdays 9:00am - 2:00pm.

A highly qualified staff and well-planned activities create a solid foundation for your child's development. There is a teacher for every four children under one year and a minimum of one teacher for every eight children under five years old. Educational enhancement, interactive days and music lessons give every child room for discovery and developmental growth at their own level. All children participate in chapel daily with singing, prayer and a weekly Bible story.

Download 2019-20 Enrollment Packet

Fees for 2019-20 School Year
Registration: $60/child /semester
Tuition (1 day): $150/month
Tuition (2 day): $200/month
Supplies (1 day): $60/child/semester
Supplies (2 day): $85/child/semester

A sibling discount is available for 2+ siblings enrolled in the 2 day program.



Chapel - Each week children participate in an interactive, age-appropriate chapel time. Here, they praise God and experience the week's Bible lesson in an engaging environment.

Educational Enhancement - Our goal is to reach every child on his or her own developmental level. Educational Enhancement classes are small groups of 2-4 students for those who need a little extra help on core concepts.

Interactive Days - Interactive days make learning fun. Career Day, Rodeo Day, Dino Day and our very own Pumpkin Patch are just a few of the fun-filled days that make room for discovery and interaction.

Music - Children participate in music class each week where they learn about musical instruments, colors, shapes, and general curriculum through songs, fingerplays and more.




Contact Tamara Pope or Angela Bryant for more information.

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