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1-Courage to PossessSep24

1-Courage to Possess

Boldness is needed to possess all God is willing to give. This study of Joshua will call individuals and churches to the kind of courage that crosses rivers, faces giants, and claims their full inheritance.

The Truth of MoreSep17

The Truth of More

The Thessalonian church was a model congregation. But even for a group of people who were loving God and loving people well, there was more of God available to them. In the midst of celebrating what God is doing in our church and in our lives, we need to remember the truth of more.

Sin Lugar a DudasSep16

Sin Lugar a Dudas

Sin Lugar a Dudas

The Lie of LessSep10

The Lie of Less

At the doorstep of God’s promises, how will we respond to perceived obstacles? Numbers 13-14 acts as a case study and warning for our lives and makes us reflect on the ways God is present with us today.

Viendo ClaramenteSep09

Viendo Claramente

Viendo Claramente

What's God's Will?Sep03

What's God's Will?

Life throws tough decisions our way. Should I wait or move forward? What's God’s will? How do you need to step out in faith this week, and walk in His ways?

In God We Trust?Sep03

In God We Trust?

Our words often say something different than our lives. Trusting God may be easy to say, but it’s harder to live. Let’s see how we can truly trust God with our past, present and future.

Venga Tu Reino #4 -Reina Dentro De NosotrosSep02

Venga Tu Reino #4 -Reina Dentro De Nosotros

Venga Tu Reino #4 -Reina Dentro De Nosotros

4 - Reign in UsAug27

4 - Reign in Us

God is inviting us to participate in this grand story of triumph. Let's pray for reign.

3 - Reign Through UsAug20

3 - Reign Through Us

We have all prayed prayers that were not aligned with the will of God. That’s why “Lord, teach us to pray” is such a great prayer.

Venga Tu Reino #3 - Reina A Través De NosostrosAug19

Venga Tu Reino #3 - Reina A Través De Nosostros

Venga Tu Reino #3 - Reina A Través De Nosostros