The Hills @ Glorieta



Departing NRH @ 7:00am June 21
Returning NRH @ 7:00pm June 26

Students | $400
Adults | $250
Payment plans and Scholarships Available

Parent Meeting & Meds Check In
June 13 | 6:30pm | Middle School Room



If you want to be placed on a wait list, please contact


Scholarship Info contact: Lynn Benardello

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Scholarship Info contact: Blake Browder

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Scholarship Info contact: Bailey Cate

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Special Note: Please bring at least one large (32 oz) water bottle. The elevation and amount of outdoor activities will require hydration! Nalgenes are also for sale at our onsite retail locations.

  • We recommend sleeping bags but twin sheets and blankets should be fine.
  • Pillow
  • Plug in fans if you get hot
  • T-Shirts – bring several that you do not mind getting dirty. Please do not bring shirts with anything inappropriate on them. When in doubt, leave it at home.
  • Shorts – Please bring athletic/hiking shorts that you do not mind getting dirty. Do not bring short shorts.
  • Shoes – Hiking/athletic shoes are necessary. Bring back up shoes, because if it rains, we will keep playing. Close-toed shoes are required at all times, but flip-flops are great for around the lake or showers.
  • Socks and Underwear – Bring extras of both. It’s Adventure Camp!
  • Rainwear- At least bring a jacket/poncho.
  • Hat / Bandana
  • Swimsuit – You may want two swimsuits since we do a lot of water activities. You may also have to hike in your swimsuit at times. Ladies, please bring one pieces or full coverage tankinis. Gentlemen, please bring regular-sized swim trunks.
  • Jacket / Long Sleeves / Jeans / Long Pants – Mornings and evenings can get cold!
  • Nice Clothes – Do not bring anything you are not willing to get dirty, but you may want to dress up once or twice.
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, soap...the usual.
  • Tote or Toiletries Bag – To take your items to and from the shower.
  • Towels – One for the shower and one for the lake.
  • Bible, Notepad, Pen
  • Water bottles – One large bottle is required. We sell these in our Camp Store.
  • Hydration Backpack (optional)
  • Flashlight or Headlamp – You may want extra batteries.
  • Insect Repellant
  • Backpack
  • Spending Cash or Camp Credit – For the Camp Store or Coffee Shop.
  • Camera
  • Medications – No prescription meds can be kept in your room. Please put these in a ziplock bag, in the original packaging, with your name on the outside and turn them into your Group Leader who will turn them into our Medical Staff.
  • Earplugs – If you’re a light sleeper.
  • Prom costumes – thrift store – that can be donated or discarded
  • Phone/Electronics - Students will be allowed to have phones, iPod and electronics while on the bus. Upon arrival at camp all electronics will be boxed up (by bus) and staff will hold these for the return bus trip home.
  • Food or snacks
  • Cell Phones
  • Car Keys
  • Walkie- Talkies
  • Knives or anything sharp
  • Pets – Not even little cute pets.
  • Tobacco Products
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Your Own Harness / Helmet
  • iPods and other electronics



All students must adhere to common practices of modesty; to dress in a respectful manner and keep our focus on Him throughout the week of camp.

  • Shirts must cover to the point of the shoulder
  • No half-length, tank tops, strapless, backless, cut-off, halter, crop-tops or bare-midriff tops
  • No sheer or see-through garments
  • Undergarments must be completely covered
  • No plunging necklines
  • No offensive t-shirts including pictures, logos, phrases, etc.
  • Pants/Shorts must be worn no lower than the natural waistline
  • The minimum length must be at least mid-thigh – longer shorts
  • Cut-outs or holes must not be above the knee
  • Any tights/leggings or yoga pants must be covered with shorts that are mid-thigh; leggings/tights may not substitute as pants
  • Athletic or closed toed shoes are mandatory
  • Sandals
  • Possible shoes that can be discarded
  • All boys must wear swim trunks or shorts, no speedos
  • All girls must where one piece swimsuits or mid-riff covering tankini