Equipping the Next Generation

The Hills Kids Ministry partners with parents to show kids 3 things:

1. How much God loves them
2. They can trust Him no matter what
3. Jesus wants to be their friend forever



The Hills Church partners with parents to help build a happy, healthy family life.

Find out what we offer on the weekends as your children begin their journey toward lifelong learning and leadership in a clean, safe, and nurturing environment.

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Special Needs

For children with special needs, we offer the choice of an inclusive experience in a typical classroom or a contained classroom with developmentally-appropriate curriculum in a sensory-friendly environment.

Whether your family is attending Bible class or service, we will put together an individual plan to help your child feel successful.
To determine the best fit for your child or to set a time to tour our space beforehand, contact us.

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Learning about Jesus has never been more fun!

The Hills Kids offers kids the opportunity to discover God and adults the chance to see Him through a child's eyes. Use your talents to influence the next generation of believers.

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Raising kids is hard work when you don't know what to expect.

Get connected with moms and dads like you who want to build a happy, healthy home with Jesus at the center.

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Learning about Jesus goes beyond Sunday morning, it's year-round!

We hope you and your little ones will join us for fun times. Check out the list of fun events we have planned for this year.

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