Making and growing followers of Jesus.

We love God and we love helping people experience the joy of living for God.

Join us in discovering more about us, how much he loves us and in learning how living for Jesus makes life better.


Discover what we believe about God, Jesus, church and more.
We’d love to talk through any questions about faith you have! Just drop us a line at

Locations & Times

We can’t wait to meet you!

Join one of our three campuses across the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a weekend service.

Next Steps Toward Jesus

Being a Christian is about more than liking Jesus or knowing about Him. It’s about becoming like Him.
Everyone has a next step to take toward Jesus, whether it’s your first or one in a long journey with God. What’s yours?

2020 Vision

The 2020 Vision lays out specific goals for our local, national and international missions.

You too can be part of the vision by supporting Harvest giving and joining a short-term mission.


Baptism is one way to show the world that we’ve decided to follow Jesus.
As followers of Jesus, we decide to follow his example and to do the things he asks of us. Jesus was baptized and told us to be baptized.