Find your people.

There’s a place for everyone here.

Whether you are married, single, stay-at-home mom, high school senior or senior citizen, you are welcome and we want to help you find people to do life with!


We believe that kids are the church of TODAY.
They’ll love the many activities, sports and studies that engage their hearts, bodies and minds each week.


A safe place to explore your faith alongside other teens who just want to do the same.

Don’t miss our weekly activities and special events.


There’s a place for everyone here.
We’d love to help you find a place to belong and people to do life with.

Serve at your Campus

God has equipped you with skills and talents.

Serving at church and in your community represents His kingdom. Service to others is service to God.

Local and Global Outreach

We believe the local church can change the world, starting in our own neighborhoods and stretching into the far corners of the globe.
When you are generous with your time and resources, you become a part of God’s plan to show the world a little bit of heaven.